About Us

Engineered Excellence: Our Journey and Growth

Integrate Consulting Engineers journey began in August 1999. Starting as a Sole Proprietorship, we transitioned to a Closed Corporation in May 2005. We are headquartered in the picturesque Capri Village, situated in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

The Engineering Process in Four Key Steps


Problem Identification

We begin by identifying the problem we are required to solve. We assess the scope of works required and provide a fee quote and scope of work for our design services.


Once we have been appointed, we proceed with preparing and finalising the design information through discussion with the client, professional team and local authority until an acceptable solution is found that is within budget.


We assist in obtaining prices from reputable contractors via tender or negotiations. Once appointed, the contractor will carry out the work during which time we will carry out interim inspections and assist in resolving any problems that may arise.


Once the installation work is complete we will carry out a final inspection. Any items noted as being unsafisfactory will be rectified by the contractor. All documentation required for completion will be collected and finalised to close out the project.